Sunday, April 16, 2006

Richardson — Best résumé of any potential Democratic presidential candidate

Michael Riley writes a great piece on Governor Bill Richardson in the Denver Post. This weekend has been full of great press. Here's an excerpt:

New Mexico's relatively small stage has never quite fit a man who has led an oversize political life: former U.S. secretary of energy, ambassador to the United Nations, a seven-term congressman, and now the state's most powerful governor in living memory.

Richardson has spent a lifetime positioning himself for this moment: He's a Latino at a time when the ethnic group's influence is growing. He's a Westerner as the region is becoming critical to the national strategies of both parties. And he's a powerful governor with impeccable foreign-policy credentials.

It may be the best résumé of any potential Democratic presidential candidate in 2008, and Richardson knows it.

Click here for the the full article.


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