Sunday, March 12, 2006

Richardson blocks access to meth

On March 1 Gov. Bill Richardson signed two bills that give the state new tools to block access to meth and crack down on meth dealers.

Gov. Richardson signed House Bill 211, which helps limit access to one of the major building blocks to "cook" meth. The bill makes psuedoephedrine - a common ingredient in cold medicine - a controlled substance that can be legally distributed only by a licensed pharmacist.

"Today New Mexico joins more than 30 states that have restricted the sale of cold medicines used to make methamphetamine," Gov. Bill Richardson said. "This legislation supports my Keeping Kids Safe agenda during this Year of the Child."

Missouri is considered the meth capital of the nation and has taken similar steps. It's reassuring Richardson understands the growing problem of this destructive drug.

Gov. Richardson also signed House Bill 179, which increases penalties on meth dealers. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Joseph Cervantes, increases the penalty for the sale of meth or possession of meth with the intent to sell. Meth will now carry the same penalties that are applied to heroin and cocaine dealers.

"These bills - along with the nearly $800,000 we are spending on meth treatment - show that New Mexico is committed to cracking down on those who manufacture and deal meth," Gov. Bill Richardson said.


At 11:56 AM, Blogger bill said...

WOW_ a bill 8-10 years too late!!

Meth has flat taken over towns like Silver City, T or C,Pie Town,Deming, Lordsburg, Lake Arthur, and Socorro. Tierra Amarilla has one of the highest use of Meth in the entire north.

The Res continues to be a wasteland of Alchoholics and child endangerment areas, what did he do to fix any of those?

So how did this help? Heroin continues to be enemy Number 1 in Espanola


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