Sunday, March 26, 2006

Real Progress for Regular People

I just watched Gov. Bill Richardson's recent visit to New Hampshire on C-SPAN. He did a great job. I like his theme of the Do Nothing Republican White House and Congress. He kept reiterating that the work of real progress for regular people has taken place at the state level like New Mexico. Richardson has secured a budget surplus and on top of that has lowered taxes for those who need it. His theme of real progress has legs. Governor Richardson has a proven track record and personality. He seemed relaxed and at ease while campaigning. I am assured once again he's the Democrats' answer in 2008.

Also, I found an interesting Q&A with the Sun-Sentinel in Florida and Richardson.


At 5:44 PM, Blogger TruthAboutBill said...

The truth about Bill is somewhat different. Lowered taxes for those who need it? Like those who are dying in nursing homes? Richardson put an eight dollar per day per bed tax on nursing homes. Apparently it is better to give the hungry mouths in New Mexico state government a perk rather than the people that take care of our sick and dying.

It is dishonest for anyone to claim that Richardson lowered taxes "for those who need it." New Mexico has Gross Reciepts Tax. Do you know what that is. In Missouri you probably have sales tax on 'goods'. Gross reciepts tax means goods and 'services'. So for New Mexico, service oriented jobs are driven to other states. New Mexico's gross reciepts tax is approaching 8%. It is a sever economic disadvantage.

Oh, the budget surplus. New Mexico makes a lot of money off of, guess what? Taxing energy production. Now I know all of you Einsteins out there think that those nasty energy coporations should get taxed to the hilt. Care to guess who really pays those taxes? A hint... the consumer. When energy prices skyrocket, in Santa Fe, the stae government Big Dogs are smugly popping champaign corks.

At ease campaigning... Bill Richardson is equally at ease driving (or bein driven) at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour on public roads. Contempt for public safety... and the very definition of corruption.

At 6:51 PM, Blogger Missourian said...

I appreciate the anonymous comment. Very respectful. I stand by my honest comments without relegating to name-calling.

At 10:15 AM, Blogger TruthAboutBill said...

I appreciate you letting my comment stand. Most blogs delete any contrary comment.

At 11:46 AM, Blogger bill said...

Mr. Richardson represented the Northern part of NM for several years before he went to the Clinton WH. ,During that time, he allowed that portion of NM( except for SF and TAOS) to languish way behind the rest of the state.

As Governor, NM has failed to addres: the severe Drug use and increase in addicts in towns such as Espanola; the fact that NM is the highest DUI deaths state in the country; consistantly ranks 47-50 out of the 50 states in health care, education & school rankings; has the one the highest child abuse records in the country.

This is all the while having a permanant fund of over $1 billion dollars (that was set up long before he carpetbagged his way into NM)that is used to back up the state and education districts borrowings.

To see how well Ol Bill has done, just drive highway 44 to Cuba without having to get your car realigned or try to drive up the western side of the state after a snow storm and see if the roads are even passable.

At 11:47 AM, Blogger bill said...

And was accused of Sexual Harassment by his FEMALE Lt Governor!!!!

At 3:30 AM, Blogger BP Serf said...

Bill Richardson.....Oh yes, the iron fisted ruler of the Bananna Republic of New Mexico.

He's never actually here, surrounds himself with former members of the local and state media who have all sold out to big paychecks for newly created state exempt employee positions created by Bill so that he has complete insulation from the real world.

No original ideas, changes his positions on anything daily as necessary to satisfy the cattle that foloow him.

Never had an original idea or plan about any position he's ever served in politics, nor worked a real job outside of politics, and suffers from dillusions of grandeur as he fancies himself being the first socialist Mexican-American president of the US.

But, he's dreamy and has a swell sense of humour. He constantly denies he wants anything but to be the president, but believe me, if Hillary or Osama ends up as pres., he'll bail from here in a New York second for any cling-on job he can get at the white house....


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