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Bill Richardson for President

Missouri for Bill Richardson is a blog community devoted to electing Gov. Bill Richardson the next president of the United States. He has what it takes to win and we're going to ensure people learn about his common-sense plan to move America forward.

Richardson is the governor of New Mexico, a former congressman, energy secretary and United Nations ambassador. Richardson enables Democrats to break through in the electorally significant Southwest and tap into the growing Hispanic vote. He has international and domestic experience unmatched and the ability to win.

The 2008 presidential election is just around the corner so please tell your friends about Bill. Also, if you're interested in helping out please contact me. His common-sense approach is appealing to all regions of the United States including the critical Midwest and Southwest.


At 11:40 PM, Blogger Sara said...

Hi! I too think Richardson will help make us competitive here in the Southwest again!

At 12:02 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

Bill Richardson's voting record on life issues is a disgrace. His voting record demonstrates a blant disregard for human life as is documented here.

Bill Richardson's voting record publically displays purposeful, willful denial and disobedience of the teachings of the Catholic Church on abortion. In my opinion, this fits the defintion of scandal.

If Bill Richardson chooses to be pro-abortion, he should be honest enought to stop calling himself Catholic and publicy apostatize from the faith. Public scandal demands public redress.

Pro-abortion and Catholicism are irreconcilable. (See the Catechism of the Catholic Church #2271). Any candidate that claims to be pro-abortion and Catholic is a liar.

At 7:00 PM, Blogger Missourian said...

Thanks for your opinion Jeff. However, I think the fact that Richardson is pro-choice will play well in the Democratic primary. In fact, it will play well in the general election especially if Roe v. Wade is challenged at the Supreme Court considering the vast majority of people favor choice.

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Jeff said...


I disagree with your opinion that most people are pro-abortion. But that's not the point. My point is that Bill Richardson professes to be Catholic, yet he openly opposes the tenents of Catholicism.

As you may not be aware, Catholicism is not a matter of picking and choosing the issues of faith and morals that one personally feels are correct. When someone professes, "I am Catholic", it means that they accept all that the Catholic Church proposes for their belief and teachs about morality. A Catholic believes that these tecachings are Christ's handed down through His Church for 2000 years. History demonstrates that Christianity has opposed abortion and infanticide since its beginning.

Nobody is forced to be a Catholic.
Therefore, if a Catholic opposes the known, clear and unambiguous teaching of the Catholic Church that abortion is murder of the innocent, that Catholic is, objectively speaking, a liar. For a Catholic, to oppose the teachings of the Church is to oppose Christ Himself.

Some may think that being a liar is a positive trait in a candidate for the highest office in the land. I think that being a liar a negative trait.

At 12:25 AM, Blogger Sara said...

Being pro-CHOICE and Catholic are definitely not mutually exclusive. There are more than plenty of Catholics I know that are pro-CHOICE.

Everything that doesn't fit
into some idea of what you think God wants you just try to hide or fix or get rid of? It's just all too much to live up to. No one fits in 100% of the time. Not even you. (And very few people I know are pro-abortion; most are pro-CHOICE. There is a huge difference.)

At 11:25 PM, Blogger Jeff said...


With all due respect, your statement of "being pro-choice and Catholic are not mutually exclusive" is, at best, misleading.

I said that abortion and Catholicism are mutually exclusive. Go read the Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraph #2270-2. The penalty for participating in an abortion is excommunication. That includes politicians that are pro-abortion. See my report illustrating the duplicity of "Catholic" Bill Richardson.

Most people like yourself use the euphemism pro-choice when they really mean pro-abortion.

At 1:06 AM, Blogger Melissa Ann said...

I'm really thinking about getting behind Governor Richardson early. It seems like he really demonstrates the best combination of moderation, liberal politics, and experience. When can I start campaigning?

FYI: Catholicism and choice are certainly reconcilable. For those interested, here are two great websites:

Catholics for a Free Choice (

Missouri Religious Coalition for Reproductive Freedom (

At 10:46 PM, Blogger jeff said...

Melissa Ann,

Catholicism and pro-abortion are not reconcilable. Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz has formally excommunicated all members of Catholics for a Free Choice in the Diocese of Lincoln -- and Rome upheld it.

You may sincerely believe that Catholicism and pro-abortion are reconcilable, but you are sincerely wrong.

Bill Richardson has no respect for unborn human life. Learn more at my website

Please pray for Bill Richardson, but don't vote for him.

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Xristoforos McAvoy said...

I must first state that I will enthusiastically vote for Bill Richardson for president given the oppurtunity he seems to be the lesser of "two evils". Certainly he is the best option among democrats. If I let candidates abortion law support control my voting I would never vote for anyone (including reoublicans), as there is no one who actually changes the laws EVER.

I am a Catholic as well, I am also against current abortion and contraception laws and am disturbed that Mr. Richardson is not. Although I do not think being in favor of current induced abortion laws is mutually exclusive to being Catholic, I do believe it is a conflict that must be resolved. I think it is most often the result of a confused understanding of the evil effect of abortion, particularly when organizations which market it like candy enter the picture, such as NARAL and Planned Parenthood. I am glad that Catholics for a free choice were excommunicated and I am also glad the Church realizes such a thing can not be done for politicians who support it in a more "political" way (to get votes), as this would require politicians to be excommunicated for other moral failings as well.

User Sara was correct that most people can not agree with all teachings, but all people do hold the possibility of "obeying" these teachings, or seeking to understand more closely why the teachings are considered correct by the Churches.

I completely believe that the democrats are being hurt by their strong support of present abortion laws. At the very least they should remain neutral or give lip service to those who are against the laws. Self proclaimed "Pro-life" democrats will inevitably become the leaders of the democrats in the future. The sooner the democrats realize this the sooner they will become the dominant party.

To not say you are in favor of ending present abortion laws is only serving to create enemies you do not need. "shooting yourself in the foot"

In the 21st century anyone can receive an abortion whether the government allows it to be legal or not. This argument that government must insure its legality has begun to be ancient history. Lets accept it, divorce government from it and move on. See the case of El Salvador for example, abortions are illegal yet they occur frequently. happy voting and Glory to Jesus Christ!

At 7:50 PM, Blogger jeff said...


There are so many flaws in your reasoning, it is hard to know where to start.

You say you are Catholic, so I'll start from our "common ground". You state that a you'll vote for Bill Richardson as "the lesser of two evils". So, you have just said that you are willing to do evil in the hope of bringing about a greater good. However, Catholicism teaches that one must always avoid evil and do good. In fact, it states that one can never do evil to seek good.

So, it would appear that you do not know your faith. Perhaps you should seek a different confessor and humbly seek instruction in the Catholic faith before espousing a lukewarm, "you can have it both ways" attitude in public.

The Catholic Church has always and everywhere taught that abortion is morally evil. Try reading the Didache, which was written about 100 A.D.

You say "Although I do not think being in favor of current induced abortion laws is mutually exclusive to being Catholic, I do believe it is a conflict that must be resolved." Well, you are correct. You don't stop being Catholic by lending support in a public forum like this to abortion, but you probably do excommunicate yourself latae sententiae. Don't believe me, READ YOUR CATECHISM AND SEE THE PENALTY FOR SUPPORTING ABORTION.

Also, what you identify as a "conflict" is in reality a contradiction. One does not resolve a contradiction. Support of abortion is incompatible with Catholicism. Ask your confessor!

Again, with all due charity to you as a fellow Catholic, you seem to be in dire need of instruction.

Glory be to Jesus Christ by allowing every one of His created babies to be born and baptized. And glory be to Jesus Christ who, as perfect judge in the next life, will give the unrepentant murders of the unborn what they truly deserve for all eternity.


At 2:08 PM, Blogger John said...

he never said he is pro abortion. he is pro choice. pro choice means he supports a woman's right to do whatever she chooses with her body, it is indeed her right as established in the Roe vs. Wade court decision. I think he is an excellent president for UPHOLDING THE WILL OF THE VOTERS, regardless of his religious background. This is a TRUE candidate here, one that isnt letting his religious beliefs interfere with what the people of America have voted into effect.

At 10:52 PM, Blogger jeff said...


People have the freedom to do what they want with their own bodies, but they do not have license to destroy somebody else's body in the course of exercising their freedom. And that is what abortion is -- the willful destruction an unborn baby's body. Pro choice means the right to chose murder of the unborn.

One is either anti-abortion or pro-abortion. Bill Richardson has told us that he is pro-abortion. Go do your research John and you will see that no Catholic is allowed to support abortion. In fact, Rome has explicitly warned Catholic politician regarding this very issue. Bill Richardson openly professes his Catholicism, yet he openly defies the tenants of his self-proclaimed religion. (See the definition of the words hypocrite and heretic)

Bill Richardson does not define what the Catholic Church teaches. He is a layman. His duty is to obey what he is taught by his chosen church, the Catholic Church. And his Church teaches that abortion is always evil. Richardson teaches the opposite by word and deed. That makes him openly disobedient (remember the definition of heretic?). If he is disobedient to the will of God in the supernatural order, it is unreasonable to trust that he will be obedient to the will of the electorate in the natural order.

If he is Catholic as he says he is, let him subject himself to the teachings of the Catholic Church. If he is not a Catholic, let him say so and then explain why he lied for so long claiming that he was.


At 10:59 PM, Blogger jeff said...


One more thing. You are showing your ignorance of abortion on demand issue. The electorate never voted to make abortion on demand the law of the land. It was mandated by the Supreme Court over 30 years ago.

If you are going to argue about life and death matters in a public forum, you must get your facts straight.



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