Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Inside Outsider

As many of those in the Bill Richardson camp believe it’s ideal to have a Democratic governor get the nomination in 2008 and according to Wil S. Hylton of Gentlemen’s Quarterly Governor Bill Richardson is that governor. In the GQ July issue Hylton gives an outlook to the 2008 presidential race and Bill Richardson seems to have caught his eye.

Hylton gives profiles for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Mark Warner, Russ Feingold and of course Bill Richardson. Here are the highlights of the Richardson profile:

The Resume: “In twenty-five years of political life, has negotiated with Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il, and Howard Dean.”

That made me laugh.

Natural Allies: “Democrats who want to win … As the blue governor of a red state, he’s got swing appeal; with U.N. credentials and ties to North Korean negotiators, he’s got the multilateral vote; with cabinet experience, he has insider chops—but can still campaign as an outsider.”

This is an important point. Richardson not only has the experience, but at the same time he’s a fresh face that will appeal to the broad electorate.

How He’d Win: “To win the top spot, he will have to campaign against the establishment, critiquing his party’s complicity in record deficits and an unpopular war.”

That shouldn’t be tough. Richardson has a proven track record of getting things done regardless of who supports him in his efforts. He has lowered taxes while building a budget surplus and investing in education.

Overall, I thought the preview was favorable to Richardson. I encourage you to get your hands on a copy. It’s not available online, sorry.


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